Covert Your Loft Space to be inspiring yet safe for kids

We all Know if done right the loft space in our house can be the best space possible playarea or indoor safespace.

However Lofts have many pitfalls, Supporting Joists, Eneven Surfaces etc.

That is why maticulous Planning is required to design the space to be a perfect fit, well insulated and padded out. Ensure no sharp edges and unsafe area within the reach of kids.

Climbing onto roofs can often be a problem so Smaller windows that do not swing as much are often a great solution.

The smarter the choices made during the intial pricing scheme for you kids loft.

The easy way would be to develop a space that is based on less is more with the savings being spent back on furnishings which are of high quality and of a high safety specification.

Kids often develop the space into something which feels like their world. That is why we often recommend clients to leave room for creativity in the space.

We design the ideas as how the you want your children to experience the loft.

As the range of quality wooden toys have expanded the ability to create a Kids Loft with soft furnishing and quality wooden toys leaving a very OAK natural feel to the Loft.

However we must advise parents that designing a kids loft is very involved process.

Like a blank canvas the parents must spend time to look at what kind of environment they feel is appropriate for the kids growth and well being.

We designed a prototype loft with a Telescope in as the roof for a very dedicated Astronomer.

the experience could be far more practical, for example to design something in which kids can play online and also study.

The one on one Off Kids Loft allows for parents to blanket switch of net communication every other hour leaving the child free to Study.

We can explore further but we must emphasise the need to discuss with us further and let us work a solution which fits with your family.